About the Artist

Damian Schwartz is a 1974 model human. He is a 2001 graduate of the University of Alabama at Birmingham, with a bachelor's degree in Art Studio. These days, Damian divides his time between family, work, and freelance design. He has created book covers, cd covers, dvd covers, logos and posters for a wide variety of clients. His imagery is compelling and unique, thus it is best suited to those that seek an atypical design. Damian's layered, complicated compositions are able to convey very complex themes in a limited visual space. He has a broad portfolio of existing images to choose from, and is also able to create on demand to suit a particular theme. He has broad experience in working with clients to successfully fulfill their design needs. If you or your client seeks a contemporary, sophisticated, and imaginative image, please consider Damian Schwartz.

Artist Statement

Welcome to my website. I am glad that you have chosen to visit and are interested in my art. Here is where I will attempt to explain my artistic motivations. I have never really liked artist statements, so I will keep it brief. I enjoy color and lines. There is something that has always fascinated me about the relationship between line and shape. For many years, my art consisted totally of geometric shapes with abstract lines. Gradually though, I moved towards adding photo manipulation into my designs. The transition has taken years to master, and in many ways I feel I am still a student despite my increasing proficiency with blending and overlaying images. Technology makes it easier than when I first started in the darkroom, but the goal of creating a unified work of art from image scraps is just as elusive as it was in the past. I love digital art. I love the immediacy of creation through digital means. People accept it more and more, but sometimes I still encounter people who feel that it lacks skill and is nothing more than technological gadgetry's wizardry. Digital art requires the same creativity as any other form of art, but it removes many of the hindrances that made art "work" in the past. It would have taken me days or weeks in the past to create the same imagery that I am now able to create digitally in hours. For me, that is a great thing. My skills were developed utilizing the old techniques, and now they are freely expressed through technology like Photoshop or Illustrator.

Damian's Art

Damian's art is available to purchase as giclee prints. Some are sold in limited edition only, while others are monoprints. Damian will gladly include any files with your purchase to ensure that you truly own his digital image. Please contact him if you are interested in any of his works, or would like to commission him to create something specifically for your needs. Please remember that each work must be printed professionally and signed prior to shipment, so please allow for a small amount of time for this to occur. Damian keeps a small number of his images on Imagekind to sell in an unlimited capacity, if you wish to purchase one through their existing print service. A major benefit to Imagekind is that they offer artist-customized framing and instant shipping, as well as professional quality prints.

Buy my art at ImageKind.com.

Last update: 5/25/09

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