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This is my digital art portfolio's home on the internet. I have so many artworks that it is unlikely I will ever post them all here; however, I will post a broad representation of my work. My Flickr is constantly updated as I complete new works, so please feel free to visit or even add me as a contact. I am always open to collaboration with fellow artists.

Older Works

Here you can find some older images that I created several years ago. I may pull these down in the future when I find a better way to display them.



Most Recent Work

I am in the process of a major update and this area will change as more content is completed. Below you will find a sampling of my recent works, as well as brief descriptions. You can click on the image to see a larger, more detailed version of each of the works. Please bear in mind that even the larger images do not fully capture the scope and intricacy of the originals. My works are usually quite large. If you are interested in my work, perhaps you would be interested in purchasing a print for your collection? You may contact me for pricing information or you may visit my Imagekind account and select from one of the available prints. Please do not hesitate to contact me with any questions or comments, as I try my best to please any prospective client. I would happily take on a commission if you desire a custom design.

Please enjoy your visit and thank you for your interest in my art.

5-28-09 Ms. America, the factory princess art image
5-28-09 Ms. America, the Factory Princess

This is an image that I created after thinking about how our culture doesn't seem to value anything as much as appearances. I used some historical imagery from the Civil Rights movement, a few vintage nudes, and some pictures I took from a local factory as the base for this work.

5-29-09 rose woman saved the world from the communists art image
5-29-09 Rose Woman Saved the World from the Communists

In this image, I wanted to use a stock photo from Deviant Art and manipulate it into something totally different. I focused on creating a singular color theme in this work and just added textures that fit with that goal. The images I chose were flowers, random textures, and also some photoshop brushes that I created recently. The title comes from the faces I added near the bottom of the image, from a vintage Chinese poster. Also, earlier in the day I read an article about the new Marxism taking over America and I think that may have played a subconscious role in how this one turned out.

5-30-09 nuclear armageddon art image
5-30-09 Nuclear Armageddon

I often create around things that I read in the Bible. This image is an interpretation of some passages from the book of Revelations. An angel is distributing fire and hail from her bow. The suns are her ammunition, as stars rain to Earth. There is an element on the left side which is a disembodied arm reaching up with a crucifix coming out of the sleeve- this represents people crying out for Jesus. The angel stands on ruins and the background is made from some imagery of nuclear explosions.

5-18-09 kultur terror art image
5-18-09 Kultur Terror.jpg

I try to convey the idea of our culture as an oppressive weapon in this work. The motivation was a Nazi propaganda poster that I found depicting the United States as a robot of interests- you can actually see it on the right side of the image if you look closely. I also utilized imagery from World War II. At the bottom of the work is a lone soldier who is supposed to be small and insignificant amongst the visual imagery. He is under attack in a land of destruction.

5-16-09 cyborg attack art image
5-16-09 Cyborg Attack

Similar to Kultur Terror, here I am following a theme of war with culture. In this work, the female figure represents modern society, with its emphasis on technology. I often think of people who wear bluetooths in their head as "cyborgs". Also, lately I have had discussions with my wife about how people do not really participate in humanity anymore, rather they record it or experience it through their various techno devices. This work represents my disdain for people cloaking themselves behind gadgetry. The army is fighting a giant cyborg woman, much as we face down the attack on our humanity.

5-4-09 ill show you how art image
5-4-09 I'll Show You How

This work is named for the words in the background. I chose several old newspaper clippings and a vintage nude to create this image. I don't really think I was trying to send a message with this one, but rather just create a visually pleasing composition.

5-4-09 venus art image
5-4-09 Venus

I based this work on the classic Renaissance artwork. The idea for it came to me one evening when I was thinking about the differences between our time and the Renaissance times. The major visual elements are the same in both works, but I chose to add a set of eyes above Venus' head. This goes along with a consistent theme throughout my works- the idea that we are being watched by forces unseen at all times. Yeah, im a little paranoid.

4-29-09 reflections art image
4-29-09 Reflections

This work was a deliberate attempt to fuse a theme with particular imagery. I don't know if it was successful or not. The theme is that we often perceive ourselves as something that we are not. I chose imagery that I thought resembled a woman staring into a mirror and then used another woman's figure to represent the mirror image she sees. The woman is sickly and there is another inverted version of herself which represents the residual self image between reality and fantasy. You could say its my commmentary on plastic surgery and/or people that are not pleased with themselves.

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